Development Services


The success of our commercial portfolio relies on our ability to work on creating a positive tenant experience before anything is even put to paper. With our project management services, we can be as involved or hands-off as needed. Our process includes meeting with a tenant to define their needs and ideas for the space, and then leveraging a great network of design professionals to maximize the potential. Cognizant of the importance of the budget, we also work out preliminary pricing to given an idea of the cost upfront. Past the initial schematics, Briarcliff can also manage the entire construction process from design documentation and permitting through the construction punch list to ensure that every detail is met.


Like music or the arts, real estate development has a certain appeal in and humbling reward for creating something out of nothing. The end goal of realizing the best project for the owners, users, and community is what drives us and keeps us focused throughout the process, because we know that ultimately a project is what you make it. To translate a vision to reality requires competence, attention, and a patient determination. So whatever your development need, our skilled and passionate team can provide the proper assistance and guidance. Whether it be helping craft the concept for a site, providing the legwork to see a project through to fruition, or anywhere in between, Briarcliff operates with open minds and looks for win-win solutions.

A partial list of our services includes the following:
  • Owner’s representation
  • Financial feasibility and market analysis
  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Entitlements and approvals
  • Due diligence
  • Design & construction team selection
  • Community outreach
  • Securing financing
  • Operations and management

My experience with Briarcliff and using the Angus Anywhere program has always been favorable. They are always very quick to respond and in case of something pressing, I know I can contact them via phone to get a quick resolution. Briarcliff is great to work with and I appreciate having them to rely on. We have had a wonderful partnership for the last eight years.

Linda Charles, MetLife