Development Approach

Our development focus is on enriching the community by creating compelling environments. We understand the acute impact that individual projects have on the cumulative identity and well-being of a neighborhood and the urban fabric at large. Out of this awareness we believe that first and foremost real estate should positively serve to this end. Through creativity and collaboration in design, we deliver projects that create lasting value for users, investors, and future generations.

Briarcliff’s roots are founded on a strong philosophical base centered on service. Our experience in developing a master-planned community has given us lessons that can be applied to development projects of varying type and scale, allowing us to quickly assess an opportunity’s impact and potential for success. We recognize how real estate uses and users interact with each other and how those interactions present opportunities; we also appreciate the importance of assessing the timing of those opportunities in conjunction with other risk factors that may be in play.

The development process can often be a long, complex, and involved one. We have distilled our approach to four key pillars to work from and return to in order to ensure success.

  • Service

    Success starts with a mentality of service. We are in business to serve. In our projects we strive to match the needs of the user of real estate, the community, and the investor into a plan that serves all parties in a balanced way.

  • Knowledge

    Know the market and know the site. Knowledge is the fuel to a successful project. The more we know the better plan we can put in place. As we learn something new we ask how that new information might create opportunity or change our approach in order to manage the risk and reward environment.

  • Team

    Put the best team in place around us and foster a healthy team environment. We want the A Team. An effectively operating team challenges itself and promotes creative thinking to solve challenges throughout the project leading to a higher likelihood of success. It is our job to lead the team.

  • Execution

    Delivering results is the differentiator. Every project is an evolving set of challenges. Maintaining focus on the overall strategy in our daily steps forward enables us to deliver on the desired results.